Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Gardening!!

I always hear people say Gardening is fun. I did not realize when we had some plants in my home back in India, because, I neither watered any plants nor even tried to noticed how it grows. But one thing for sure is I have enjoyed a lot from the plants like mehendi leaves, coconut water, bananas and some beautiful flowers.

I have been wondering looking at the scenic landscape here in the USA from the day I landed here. Actually, in my opinion, what makes this country so beautiful is the trees, the greeneries they take care of. Friends here, always invite us to enjoy the spring and fall colors. The plants and trees look beautifully amazing during the spring and the fall just like the wallpaper scenery. 

I wanted to do home gardening from a long time. I really wanted to see how the plant grows and wanted to spare some time with mother nature. So, I took some Yogurt containers and plastic trays, filled them with the garden soil and compost. I sowed some coriander seeds, mint, tomato seeds, methi on each trays. I patiently waited for some days and it all started sprouting. The coriander took seven days to form two leaves,and a new leaf forms once in two days. It is really so beautiful to monitor the plants growth just like my own kids :). It is so much fun. 

I personally feel that I am much more relaxed when I see my potted plants. Also, they can be used for cooking as well. I encourage everyone to grow plants at home and enjoy the gardening.

Happy Gardening!!

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